To those of you still experiencing the B&N syncing issue,

The B&N issue is constantly evolving. We've traced it to a cache-creating issue and are making steady but slow progress. There are only a handful of people still having the issue and unfortunately you are one of them. For you, B&N are still responding back to our requests for data with a “server maintenance” message.

This has been incredibly frustrating for us as the problem is not entirely at B&N and it's not at ScribeCount, but rather one of old cookies that refuse to function as they should. B&N is still making changes behind the scenes and sometimes those changes result in these older cookies suddenly working again. We're still searching for a solution that WE can push through but the target keeps moving on us. Just know that we're trying and will keep doing so until we are successful.

Things that have worked: Persistent clearing of Cookies and the Cache at both Firefox and Chrome (we don't support Safari yet, but it's in the works). A few have reported success after clearing just the B&N cookies and others have had to clear EVERYTHING before it would resolve.

We cannot say for sure if these steps will work for you or not, but they are working for some and that number keeps growing, so I’m sharing them here. We’ll continue to gather data on the problem and also continue our efforts to reach B&N for a solution. As yet they have not answered our repeated emails, but we’ll keep trying.

Thanks for your patience,