Hello, all!

We've recently been getting questions regarding Findaway Voices and thought we could best answer those here.

Findaway Voices remains one of our top-requested platforms, and you may know that we have been working with the team there to help get data into ScribeCount.

Every platform has unique software, and that means that the process of onboarding them is slightly different. As is often the case, there are also updates coming to both Findaway Voices and ScribeCount, which means that both websites are changing a bit behind the scenes. For this reason, we are looking to bring your Findaway Voices data to ScribeCount in early 2022.

While we know waiting isn't fun on your end, we hope you'll understand! Both ScribeCount and Findaway Voices are excited to help you get your data in a way that works for you, and we couldn't ask for better partners in this process.