Have you ever had a good problem?

Today we have one at ScribeCount.

We’ve launched a new feature today, one that we’re simply calling “Other Income”, and it will bridge the gap between what we report on automatically and what we have yet to add. Whether you’re selling books on KISS, pushing hardcovers at a trade show, or peddling Audio CD’s out of the trunk of your car, we’ve now got you covered.

So what’s the problem you ask?

Too many new features to list in one blog post! (I hope to have this problem every week.)

To solve this problem Philippa has made a video. It's about ten minutes long and covers the basics of everything the new feature offers. And I do mean the basics. There are a lot of features you’ll need to discover through using the tools themselves. Our goal was to make this new feature as intuitive as possible, but there will be a slight learning curve. Philippa and I (read: mostly Phillipa) will be here to help you should you need it.

There are some updates to the dashboard as well. Column totals. Settings that hold their position until you change them. Filter buttons where you need them. Relocation of the map feature. These items and more are there due to YOUR requests. We have more on the way but we’re happy we could include so many in this update. If you have more ideas please keep them coming, we’ll do our best to get them into the service.

So please give the new Income feature a test drive and tell us what you think. Good or bad, we want to know.