Something happened!

We’ve added Amazon Ad tracking to the ScribeCount menu today. You’ll find it under a new Tab in the Settings page appropriately titled “Advertising”.

This is a two-step process but you only have to do them once. You’ll need to load your historical data yourself but it’s an easy process. These instructions are on that Advertising page but I’ll post them here as well.

Steps to upload historic Amazon Ads data

· Login to Amazon Ads

· Click on Reports icon on the left icon bar

· Click on Create report button

· Select Report Type as Campaign, Time Unit as Daily and desired Date range

· Click on Run Report

· Download the generated report.

· Upload the file using below control

· Repeat the above steps for all the Marketplaces

As always you control the flow of data between Amazon and ScribeCount. You can turn off the data flow and/or delete all your ads data from the dashboards at any time.

This feature works much like the FaceBook Ad Tracking feature. You can see Spend, Clicks, and Impressions, but not Reach as Amazon doesn’t provide that data. The bar and donut charts will show every category provided as well as all the filters we have in place. You can separate by campaign and the spreadsheet is available for download or printing.

In the Settings tab you can tag and sort your ads in a variety of ways or even ghost them if you don’t wish to see them in your reports.

We have some ideas on how to expand the features here but we have some other projects in front of that. Thanks to all the accountant/writers who have weighed in with their suggestions.

Next up on the ad tracking list is BookBub and Google Ads, not necessarily in that order. We’ll be talking to reps from both at the upcoming conferences and will know more after that.

What’s next? Bugs, glitches, and tickets oh my!

We will be monitoring the new feature for any issues of course, but the majority of the team will be devoting all their time to tickets and code to make the existing features as rock-solid as they can be. I know this is overdue and I want to thank you all again for hanging in there. It's time to tame this monster we built. We’ll also be doing some User Interface updates so the monster is nice and pretty.

And that is it for today. As always, if you encounter a problem with the new feature please fire off a ticket. It not only tells us exactly where the problem is it makes it easier to see if it’s a system-wide issue or an individual account problem. I know we’ve been slow in answering them lately but they all get read and they all get sorted. It’s a huge help and as I mentioned, tickets are now priority one.