Two Updates.

The first is to Kobo. They updated their API and were, I’m sure, unintentionally sneaky about it. The update resulted in historical data not being loaded, but it only affected NEW subscribers. Since all of our beta users have been with us for some time this was not immediately apparent. We have since located the issue and coded a fix.

The second is SmashWords. They also updated their API and this resulted in the double reporting many of you were seeing. I searched for an analogy that most would understand and here’s what I came up with:

The new API and the old API were both reporting data, but its not like a boat with two engines, we can’t just turn one off. Its more like a starship, we have two nacelles, but only one warp-core. We can’t just shut down one nacelle because spinning-ship-space-time-issues-coolent-leaks-oh-my. So our Chief Engineer had to fix the core, while it was running, and get us back to one data-stream.

The nerd is strong with me this morning.

Anyway, to make these updates go into effect we’ll need you to UPDATE THE EXTENSION to version Instructions can be found on the Browser Extension tab of the Settings page.

Next up are tweaks to the Ad Tracking features. Both Meta and Amazon have been tinkering and we need to adjust accordingly. We’ll also be taking steps to incorporate the new Amazon Attribution feature into ScribeCount. This will both address the tickets we’ve received on that feature and make the Amazon side much stronger. Once we have that done we have some calculators we’re working on. ROI, Sell-Through, Earn-Out, etc. These will work in conjunction with the Calendar and include the Event Marker feature you asked for.

Some News. Due to some family things and the hurricane I have a multi-volume to-do list, so I will not be attending 20Books next month. This sucks as I really wanted some cake.

BUT, Elizabeth will be there and she will be more than happy to answer all your ScribeCount questions. Audio is the next big thing we’re working on, along with additional Ad Tracking and a Virtual Assistant portal. And that’s just part of the list.

That’s it for today. I’ll post again as soon as we have more items to announce. Thanks to everyone who helped us through this maintenance period, your help was invaluable.