This has been an ongoing issue and as much as I love Kobo, I find that the way they track free books is, well, unique. We’ve coded a fix and pushed it to the dashboard today. Chrome, FireFox, and Edge have all approved it and it is ready to go.


If you have the extension set to auto-update this will not be a problem for you. If not its quite simple to do manually.

Each browser does it differently but here's the basic process:

1- Right click on the little SC logo in the toolbar.

2- Select "Manage Extension"

3- You'll see a button or a toggle that will allow you to "update the extension" or "Check for updates". Select that. This may be behind a little Gear icon.

4- Once you have done so the latest update should be displayed on the page. It should read "Version"

Note, you should also see an option to allow automatic updates, if you select that you won't have to do this again next time we update (and with all the features and platforms we have planned this will be happening a lot over the next few months).

There’s nothing else to do after that. Once you have updated, Kobo should show you correct data for both your paid and free books. Your Smashwords data should also adjust to fit the sales that were running.

And that’s it. Any problems just shoot us a ticket and we’ll get them solved.


We noticed that nobody is sharing their “Other Income” charts and when we asked about that we discovered that many of you thought using the feature would push you up into a higher payment tier.

It won’t.

We don’t count that income when we calculate your payment tier, you can add millions of dollars there and it won’t cost you anything when it comes to ScribeCount. We consider the Other Income feature as something for everyone to use until we can add the platforms automatically. So please use it as much as you need to and if you wish please share your charts, we’re interested in HOW people are using it.

One more thing: I want more furry friends! Somebody send me some puppy pics!!

- Randall